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  • What exactly does the-simulator-seat do?

the-simulator-seat brings an all-new immersion to your simulation. Moving paddles which are positioned under your thighs and behind your back are causing pressure which will be applied to your body and make you feel like be pressed into the seat due to acceleration.  For more technical information check out the features page!

Additionally there will be an edition with motion available. The whole seat will move by three axes. This gives you an incomparable immersion at all!

  • How big and heavy will it be?

the-simulator-seat has measures like a real ejection or racing seat. the dimension of the pilot edition enables even owners of 1:1 combat aircraft simulator cockpits to integrate it (max. width: 53 cm eq. 20,9 inches). the weight isn't known at the moment but will be defined for transportation within buildings by only one person - like a furniture.

  • Which noise level has it?

At the moment we are in the stage of motor selection. all of the motions will be performed by electric motors. there will be noise but one of the construction criteria is a moderate noise level - to be able to operate the seat in a home surrounding without disturbing sleeping persons in a nearby room. definite informations will be available at the prototype stage of the development schedule.

  • I don't find any pictures, videos or drawings of the-simulator-seat on your website!

At the moment there are basic drawings but the final design isn't done yet. Check the development schedule for further informations about the release date of the first drawings. For automatic updates of the project and the development schedule please send us an update request by mail!

  • Is the-simulator-seat already available for purchase?

No, it isn't.  Presently we are working on the project. Even a prototype hasn't been built at the time. We expect earliest availability in the shop approximately 4rd quarter of 2021. For further information check the development schedule. For automatic updates of the project and the development schedule please send us an update request via contact form!

  • How can I stay informed about the project status?

For the moment you can tune in by sending us an update request by contact form. Later on we will provide more information via social media and the updated website. You will find youtube videos as well as soon as there is something to show to you :-). First impressions are expected when the first prototype will be finished.

  • Which simulation titles will be supported?

Support will be available for almost every flight and racing simulation which provide raw data that can be transmitted to the control software. At early access stage we plan to provide support to the following titles:

flight simulation titles:

  • DCS WORLD  by Eagle Dynamics
  • X-Plane by laminar research
  • Prepar3D by Lockheed Martin
  • Flight Simulator 2020 by Microsoft

racing titles:

  • Asseto Corsa
  • rfactor
  • ... more of them to be announced.

  • I don't fly with combat aircraft or aerobatic planes. Is the-simulator-seat an option for me anyway?

We think it could be an option. imagine what happens while starting or landing in any aircraft. there are  G's you will feel - nevertheless they aren't as strong as in a combat aircraft or in lets say an aerobatic plane like a Pitts. but - with the-simulator-seat you will  experience the movement in your backside. the same is valid for turns or turbulence. combined with a VR headset your immersion will rise notably - even in a Cessna 152!

  • I would like to support your project. Will there be benefits therefore?

This would be great! Yes, of course you could support this project! And there are benefits for doing this.

One of our project targets is to be able to realize sales and shipment of the product as soon as the early acces stage is reached. This goal will be made possible by the instrument of crowd funding. we intend to start such a campaign when the product is ready for serial production and we are able to produce, sell and ship it to our customers quickly.

So, what you could do to support the project is to participate in the upcoming crowd funding campaign. Your benefit will be a remarkably discount on the product and an extra-bonus which isn't decided for now what it will be exactly.

  • What is a crowdfunding campaign?

With a crowdfunding campaign a start-up can assure the demand of finances for its project or product. many "backers" pay a fixed amount of money to the crowdfunding platform until the demanded amount of money is reached. if the campaing is successful the money will be paid off to the start-up. otherwise in case the demanded amount isn't reached within a fixed period of time (i.e. 30 days) the campaign has failed and the backers get their money back.

For participating in the campaign the backers will get benefits which are announced in advance. In the case of the-simulator-seat this will be mainly a remarkably discount on the product. In addition the product will be shipped first to the "backer" customers.

What will be the price of the-simulator-seat?

Sales conditions can be made not before the prototype has been built. we already have calculated an estimated market price for the-simulator-seat in order to know if the project has a chance to be sold to the simulation market.

But - one of the preconditions of the project is that it will fit to the simulation market in regards of sales price. we will be out with more information as soon as the prototype has been built. For timeline information check the development schedule.

  • Will I need a dedicated computer to operate the-simulator-seat?

No. If your computer is able to run your simulation without performance problems you can operate the-simulator-seat without any concerns with your current computer hardware.

  • Is there any information about the technical requirements?

Yes, check the features page for further information.

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